5 thoughts on “HACKED.

  1. He’s going to be sat there watching all your fav shows!! I expect its extremely unlikely he has accessed any bank details, a change of password is definitely in order tho, and maybe contact someone at Netflix, just to be sure everything is secure?

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  2. Oh, OF, that’s how I found out. Noticed in my bank statement the charge appearing, yet when I tried to log in neither my email nor my password NOR my phone number was found. Calling them, I gave my credit card number and the guy said it was coming up under the Portuguese language, with Brazil as the country. POSITIVELY CREEPY. I shut down my Netflix account, totally, and they blocked the email address which had been created by the scammer.

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    1. Its a scary world these days, with online scammers, I heard a story on the radio the other week about someone who invested in a perfectly legal scheme and lost thousands, the guy kept coming back for more – there should be better protection from dishonest people, in this case, the guy was in this country, there’s nothing she can do to get her money back, he was just a bad trader – cant be too careful!!


        1. Yes, I have – it sounds like a car crash, I still think online fundraisers might be a way forward, I know you said it would have to be annual, but putting that aside, it can be a good way to get media attention, (and thus more people find out and so on) As soon as someone has an online fundraiser, it seems to become more newsworthy – just a thought 🙂


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