Censorship [edited].

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“For there to be justice, there must be open justice.”


Dear Readers,

*UPDATE: The live streamed audio press conference, aired January 9, 2017, has been added to this blog post. It appears just ahead of the original video.

I am a home owning, tax paying American professional.

In our recent Presidential election, I voted for neither the DEM nor the GOP candidate.

Below is the long-awaited interview, by an American employed at a major news outlet, with Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange.

Does the thought of viewing this video scare you?

Why, or why not?

Don’t be.

Watch, and listen; then, repeat.

And — don’t shoot the messenger.



p.s. more updates following the Reddit Q & A. Should be interesting; did anybody see the Qs?

6 thoughts on “Censorship [edited].

  1. I can’t make my mind up about Assange, I think he’s a bit of an oddball, he wants to be the hero of the day, exposing lies and truths, but he’s caught up now in a very tricky position for himself. He’s being manipulated by so many powerful figures, he’s in danger of becoming Christlike, and we all know how that story ends! Xx

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    1. OF, this interview has prompted CNN (the Senate committee, apparently) to put up a headline: “Officials: US identifies go-betweens who gave emails to Wikileaks.” Clapper has now publicly stated he doesn’t put any credibility in Assange. But, this s.t.i.l.l. does not refute anything Assange claims in the interview, or provide any proof; it’s drama, but it’s like saying “I’m the expert witness, and I know.” But, what evidence is being provided? None that I can see, yet. OF, did you watch the video, in its entirety? I’d love it if just SOMEBODY would view this interview, and THEN comment.


    2. p.s. to you, OF: Yes. I know all too well what happens to “Christ-like” figures. Don’t think I haven’t thought about it, more than once. Strange how compelling this whole scene has been, in my personal realm; I am s.o. committed to the truth, and nothing but the truth, I must confess that I am really drawn in by the whole thing. Watch the whole interview; then, let’s email. Thanks! XOO

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