What is RSSING.COM, and Why?

I just tried to Google my blog site, by name.

Horrified, I discovered several of my blog posts at ANOTHER SITE, specifically RSSING.COM and another stupid one filled with hockey photos.

There is a form to fill out at RSSING.COM to complain, or make removal requests, but I am terrified that, if I click any of their boxes, my stuff will somehow disappear from WordPress.com, entirely!

Has any other WORDPRESS.COM blogger had a problem with RSSING.COM stealing content? I am paying $26 per year to OWN my blog URL. How, and WHY, can something like this possibly be happening?

WordPress.com says that my RSS Feed links to this site. But, why? Did I authorize this? “Increasing traffic”? Only spammers, from what I can tell.

Comments, advice, instructions, explanations – PLEASE? Thanks.

Ruth Ann Scanzillo, author, littlebarefeetblog.com

17 thoughts on “What is RSSING.COM, and Why?

  1. RSS is that news feed thing that people subscribe to. Does it have to do with that? If so, then you would WANT them to have your blog posts to drive more traffic to yours. If it is something that is trying to make people THINK it is the RSS feed then it isn’t a good thing.

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    1. I went to the site, of course. It has a template for authenticating yourself, and requesting that content be removed. I filled out all that, except for clicking on the option to remove content out of a fear that my content would somehow be affected at WordPress.com (you know, unwittingly allowing content to be removed so that they could actually steal it, make it disappear, seize it for their own purposes…etc)(yes; I taught marching band – I think of every possible outcome to every scenario-it’s a learned trait!)….then, I went to the next template, filled that out, left a comment in detail, and then read the small print re: receiving an email confirmation from them as soon as I Sent the comment and, if I did not receive an email confirmation, it would mean that I’d typed the email wrong and they’d subsequently have no way of reaching me. I double checked my typing of my email address, noting it as correct, and sent the message; even a half hour later, there was still no confirmation email from them in either my inbox or junk mail. That was when I prepared this blog post!


    1. This seemed like an effective prevention for the commenters. The author provided a code but to me at least, it is unclear as to where to type in the code. If you do figure it out, the RSS site will display blank content where your stolen content used to be.

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    1. So sorry for the delay in response, GI……it did seem as though posts which appeared there, when clicked to expand, opened to my site. That, alone, gave me the creeps; how easily linked to my site was this strange entity! One wonders why such a site exists — to traffic readers toward our material, or ? I would think that they’d be fronts for something else, like ghost writers’ references…..!?


      1. I know that if I had a blog, I would WANT traffic to it. Otherwise, what would be the purpose? If you only want a select audience you would probably just write on Facebook and restrict who sees it. I would think in most cases, people who write blogs want people to see it and without sites that draw traffic to it, only a few people would see it. Just my humble opinion………

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        1. Wasn’t at all sure that the site was really intended to draw traffic. It didn’t have any visual value – seemed rather rudimentary, almost like some catalog file rather than a site with any attractive appeal. I’d be hard pressed to believe it would be able to function as a site intended to draw traffic. Did you go there, and look at it?


          1. If it isn’t a legit site then that would be one thing. But if it is legit and IS just a catalog site for people to find things for a certain topic, then I guess I would care if it was attractive. Yes, I had gone to it. No, it’s not attractive but there are crochet sites I use like that. No appeal at all, but it gets me to what I need for finding a pattern.

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  2. Oh, really?? See, the weakness that continually trips me up is the very thing which is also my strength. The inside of my head is a really fun place to play, but it prevents me from keeping up with what is going on outside!


    1. If you can verify that it’s a legit site (it appears to be to me, but who knows?), then go with it. It seems it just gives people snapshots and then they can go to the page if interested. But I follow you on here as I do other bloggers, and the email I get is a snapshot as well. Sometimes I just delete the email if it isn’t going to be anything I want to read and if I want to read it I click through. I think that site is a similar thing. Not sure what the difference between that page and just RSS feeds though.

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