Gee, Oh Pee.


This piece, originally written 3 months ago, is being rescheduled for posting on May 4, 2016 – in the wake of the “presumptive GOP nominee’s ” win in Indiana.

It is this writer’s opinion that it contains a foreshadowing of what appears increasingly likely to be the Rise of the Independents.



Yes, world.

By now, you’ve heard.

The latest “candidate for President of the United States” felt compelled to defend the size of his genital member on a nationally televised debate.

The fact that this portends the dissolution of a major political party, the Republicans, goes without saying; but, there’s more.

Let’s just suggest that Nero fiddled while Rome burned, and now there looks to be a major diddler on the rise while the United States defends its rights to liberty and hot pursuit of international favor.

Nostradamus warned that the “village idiot” would rise up, but this is enough to obliterate all memory of one George Dubyah. This is Benny Hill meets MAD Magazine.

As the GOP teeters over the cliff, the stage will finally be set for the rise of the Independent Party.

And, its candidate?

Stay tuned.




.© Ruth Ann Scanzillo  3/4/16  All rights reserved by the author.  Thank you.






7 thoughts on “Gee, Oh Pee.

      1. I was watching this film about economics earlier (made a few years b4 this latest political situation) In it they talk about the meltdown of western economic systems and predict a chaotic and dangerous ride ahead. I only watched half of it so far, they made some hair raising points, I’m sure its all true, I often wonder if its really sensible to have faith in the human race! Luckily, for my sanity, I do, but its probably misplaced!

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    1. I didn’t really learn anything I hadn’t heard before, its one of these films that claims to be groundbreaking, if thats so, I want my 40mins back! I’m hoping to hear something new in the final 30mins (if I ever get round to watching) – sure, things have always been insecure in the world of banking, but today, we are far more at risk, I mean, every damn thing I buy is made in China! Seems obvious really, either we are going to share our wealth, or there’s gona be a war!!

      I’d fast fwd thru the rest of that film, but there might be something I need to know! OMG< its a paranoid world today is it not – Xx

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