Ball and Chain.



This is a ” Stability Ball.”


This is an immobilizing brace, made in Vietnam for MEDLine.


What do these images have in common?

If you guessed the answer, you have a direct line to the Mysteries of Irony.

Today, in haste to exit the house for a walk to the service station, where my car awaited pick up, I bumped into the Stability Ball.

It moved.

I fell.

Three hours later, and one set of x-rays: no fractures. Tender, swollen, painful. Now, comes the hard part.

Oh, Jesus.



6 thoughts on “Ball and Chain.

    1. I know!!! I was just exiting the bathroom, crossing the music room, and the God Forsaken ball was in my path. Horrible fall. The wrist. And, so many gigs upcoming – four in two weeks. I’m in shock. Shouldn’t be typing.


        1. Well, this will get me out of the house and walking, again. My body desperately needs it. Less typing, more walking. But, not being able to play my instruments is heart rending. Okay – signing off. Love that you care, OF! XO

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