This is what the universe does for a girl.

Preserving my little digits for music making, I am often hesitant to take on the big, robust tasks. This crew of able bodies assembled my tool shed today. And, fellow bloggers, you’ll want to know:  the shortest boy, grinning, in the grey hoodie?  The late Justin Bowersox’s half brother, Aaron!

And, God smiles.





© Ruth Ann Scanzillo/   3/21/16    * it’s officially snowing!



2 thoughts on “Serendipity.

  1. Is this the way to respond to your picture of youngsters in front of your new shed which they constructed for you? Very nice and I’m glad they did it for you so you could save your “digits”!Did you ever get your kitchen perked up with all the things you bought at the Mall? We had great response to our CRAIG listing of the House in the Woods and probably have it rented. I have had only expenses instead of income from since last May! Can you come for dinner on Easter? Ruthie

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    1. Ruthie! Your comment successfully posted. Yay! And, yes; I was thinking about you today, wondering if the open house was a success and whether you found a renter! Yes; I would love to join you on Easter. It’s been too , too long. Thank you! ❤


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