Dear Fellow WordPress Bloggers:


Thank you for letting me use the Reader to clarify something for you all.

The themes of my posts have been dark, lately; some of them have been quite pointed, addressing human behavior directly – both my own, and that of others.

But, please know this: NOTHING – not a single word – of any of my posts have e.v.e.r been directed at a single one of Y.O.U.

I have lost one Follower in recent days, one whom I had actually invited to visit me this summer!  Wracking my brain, as well as the Comment threads in every post, I cannot find a single exchange that would have qualified as contentious, insulting, or offensive; in short, I am baffled. The individual who departed from my association felt that I was not showing sufficient respect toward her. As God is my witness, I just don’t understand how this perception was born.

The only thing that even faintly figures are the various themes which my essays contain. Perhaps something was personalized. That is why I am posting this, right now; I want everyone remaining to know, with certainty, that nothing in any of my pieces is in any way meant to reflect on any blogger at WordPress.

Over these past several decades, I have had thousands of students, many of them beloved; coworkers, colleagues; many of the relationships formed between myself and these have enriched my life. Some have proved problematic. But, I assure you: this woman has simply no issues with any of you!  You have graced my life. I am thankful for you!

That is all. Be well; keep thinking; keep creating. That’s why we are here!

Yours in continuum,





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