That last post sent readers running for the hills.


NO. I am not a “home-wrecker.” Please, read more carefully? And, thoroughly?

Thoughts, musings, borne of need, when expressed, can be alarming. But, the reality is: I spend most of my time at home, in solitude. I write, just like you do, many of you. I think. I make dinner. I make music. That is all.

Oh; and, I don’t even live in your neighborhood. Even though mine is a quaint old farmhouse, with oak flooring and French doors, most of your ilk would call my street a low class slum. So, don’t expect me to come skulking around yours; I’m miles away.

It’s my passionately held belief that honesty and candor, in written word, serve others. They provoke thought – even discussion. And, such dialogue always leads to greater insight, which can improve the quality of life for all. For many, resolve may increase; for others – cathartic change. Regardless: everybody benefits. And, the originator of the discussion fades into the ether, to go about her own business, just as she did the day before.

So, get dressed; go out; start your Christmas or Hanukkah shopping. I’ll be here, minding the paradigms.





Much love, in sincerity,



© Ruth Ann Scanzillo  12/4/15  All rights those of the author. Thanks.






15 thoughts on “No!

  1. Why are you defending a fiction story. This post was quite fun to read, too. But I think you should go full Erotica next time. Give them an eyeful. Flame on, Madonna! Right. You’re Catholic. So this is fiction. Oi.

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    1. Here’s a shocker: I’m not. Catholic. Never have been. For a day. We assume the nice Italian girl from the West side was raised at Holy Family, BUTTT………no such luck. Try the W.A.S.P.S. – and, take it one subgroup further: Sectarian Fundies. The joke follows: Loved by stuffed animals, indoctrinated by wind up toys, dispatched from the hornet’s nest by a wink and a smile (from Dad). You want Erotica? Read “Dinner” and “San Diego”. That’s as good as it gets. XO

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            1. Well, we have a natural state park on our peninsula, with eleven public beaches and bike trails and lagoons for paddleboating and canoeing. The horses might be scarce, but south of here there is endless countryside, and before we escape the city there are at least two parks lush with maples and firs…….I actually do know one woman who has a horse ranch, but she is west of here.

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                1. We’ve barely had snow, yet. Highly unusual; by now, we’ve traditionally had at least one blow out Lake Effect two footer! In fact, temps in the 40s and 50s. It’s just the strangest thing. And, my Steinway arrived yesterday. It’s Christmas, in my house. I mean it. You should come.

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