I’m with the ladies who won’t do the Pinking.

First of all, when you consume most pink food, you are ingesting elements which are not part of the human nourishment option. Red raspberries, sweet beets, the common radish, and some plums, are the only food whose juice even comes close to being pink; the rest is likely paint, dye, a mix of undigestible and/or toxic substance. Even peppermint isn’t pink; it’s green, just like every other growing mint.

Secondly, the organization which started the whole pinkball rolling is one of a legion of allegedly legitimate breast cancer charities. Only problem is, it – like so many other philanthropic foundations which may have begun as a small collective of the earnest and well-meaning – is fully staffed and directed. And, the one at the top of that pile – the executive director – makes a high six figures of yearly income.

So, if you buy in, you are aligning with everybody else who believes just because somebody else does.

Do your own diligence. Do your own research. Find the facts. And, wear whatever the hell color you want.

– Ruth Ann Scanzillo –

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