Stuffed onto rustic rafts and makeshift boats.

Or, trains.

Some survive; others die.

Survive what?

A collective, desperate escape.

Escape from what?

When humans endure stress, put upon them by other humans, they cope in so many ways. Some absorb, quietly, their bodies soon succumbing to disease. Others lash out, becoming chronically angry and isolating themselves from others by their behavior.

But, when entire societies endure stress, sometimes they take the final step: they run.

When we see whole extended families, grasping for their very lives to get away from impossible conditions, do we not stop, and ask ourselves:  How are we not lower than chickens, who peck at their weak?

When will the people of the Earth stop trying to destroy their own kind?

Will it be when they finally realize that this is what they are doing?






© Ruth Ann Scanzillo

9/6/15   Thank you. Sharing only upon request.

15 thoughts on “Refugees.

  1. This is exactly what I was trying to get my brain to utter in words yesterday. I saw the photo as a painting first and thought it was a metaphor. Then, slowly, I picked up on what was going on. I was physically ill when I found out what I was seeing. I wonder what leader chooses to displace his own people? We are surrounded by these leaders who care more about weilding power than in raising the standard of the human condition. For this reason, we are all displaced in some way. The physical horror we witnessed in recent days is a wake up call for everyone to change our individual situations by first looking after our families, then our neighbours. Surely, these small kindnesses would strengthen any nation. We can’t look out there without paying attention to what’s in here (around us) first.

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    1. Did I hear on the news, about 30 minutes ago, that this child was on a boat headed from Greece to Syria, to attend a family wedding? I modified my opening, for historical accuracy. But, did the little boy die in a refugee escape, or was the story I heard correct? had you heard, one way or the other?

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      1. I’ve checked just now and the little boy was with his family headed towards Kos, from Syria. Naturally, it is wise to wait to hear what happens after the dust settles. The photo was released days ago, so there would have been time to check the story facts.

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            1. She is a violin soloist, crossover classical/rock, who plays a priceless Italian. He is a Broadway and TSO soloist, with whom I was unfamiliar until last night. The sheer positive energy that comes with full on superior artistry – can’t be quantified, or fully described. That’s why I wish you could have been there!

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  2. Oh I so wish! We went and ousted Gaddafi and now the place is worse that ever – if the people of Libya up and set off for Europe, along with the Syrians, half of Africa and the rest of the Middle East, yes, it might coax a positive response, or a negative one, I’m not sure – I’m heartened by the charitable – I do believe people are “basically good” its the minority that cause all the trouble(s) Its strange how the freaks among us turn out to be the charismatic leaders, rather than the other way around. 😦

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