20 thoughts on “Bloggers 11.

          1. And/but, when they get that content, it’s only the first paragraph, correct? And, they must click on the “Read More” tab to be redirected to the actual post in its entirety, yes? at which time, their visit does, or does not, count as a ”hit” in the Stats. Am I wronggg, againn….sigh…<3


  1. But, when they get that content, it’s only the first paragraph, correct? And, they must click on the “Read More” tab to be redirected to the actual post in its entirety, yes? at which time, their visit counts as a statistical”hit”. Or, am I wronggg, againn….sigh…<3


    1. Oh, I don’t think the Like click has anything to do with the Stats. I think that , if you click on the title of the piece, when the cursor makes the underline appear, and open the entire piece, the Stats register a hit on that piece. If you visit the Home page and/or archives, reading whichever piece appears on the home page that day, that also registers as a hit.

      Am coming up on the first anniversary of opening this blog (November, actually), and am interested in figuring out how to reach more readers. But, a good blogger friend informed that Subscribers (and, including the Facebook population, that figure is over 1000) get the notification in their emails, which presents the first paragraph or so of each piece as posted….but, I am still ascertaining whether or not those email subscribers’ clicks to read do, or do not, register as hits. I get loads of email notifications from all my bloggers, too, but I don’t always open them to read them – the volume is overwhelming.

      My Stats are very low…..averaging about eleven to fifteen per day, most days. That’s visitors, not actual pieces read…some visitors read several pieces. I’m interested in increasing visitors, and speculating to see if my stuff is worth publishing, in some form. (before it’s stolen, that is!)


      1. I almost always click READ MORE in my email notification to read your blogs, not always the same day, but eventually. I don’t always quick LIKE on the blog though (not that I don’t like it, just because I may have no opinion). Once in a while what I see in the email tells me it is probably something that won’t interest me but that is rare.

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    1. Sometimes I include the category Classical Music simply because there are references in the content that might appeal to classical musicians. But, the body of the piece may, or may not, be about music. BTW: is it safe to post that photo of Donna with the Little, now?


      1. On here you mean or on FB? FB probably yes. Here, not so sure. Ask her. As for music, I don’t go by the categories or the tags, don’t even look at those. I start reading and sometimes don’t read it all. I bet 98% of the time I at least click READ MORE though and at least skim it before not reading it, so probably I am ending up in the statistics anyway.


        1. Oh; I meant FBK. Just wanted to ask, while I thought of it. Am waiting to find out from the WP people if clicking Read More registers as a hit. Would be interesting to determine, you know, if subscribers do end up in the Stats.


            1. Here’s the direct set of replies from the WordPress engineers, covering both issues: >Question #1: The WordPress Stats page only shows me the visitors who open the Home page and/or the individual posts themselves, from the SITE itself – either through the >Facebook link, or some other Search which they do independently, yes?

              Correct, the stats page only tracks viewers who visit your site directly.

              >Question #2: If my Subscribers get notifications in their emails, and they open the email to read the post in its entirety, that read never shows up in my Stats as a hit. Correct, or not?

              That is also correct. If your readers read the entire entry through e-mail (or other means like the WordPress.com Reader or an RSS reader), we have no way of tracking those viewers, so they’re not included in stats. 🙂

              If you’d rather not have that happen, you can set your blog’s feed to only show summaries, so users are required to click through to read the full article. This page will show you how: https://en.support.wordpress.com/settings/reading-settings/

              Enjoy those chocolate covered fruits, they sound amazing.

              Let me know if I can help with anything else!

              Asher – Happiness Engineer | WordPress.com


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