OOh…..a radiologist.


Readership seriously dropped off, after that last post.

Radiology scares people.

Because, well, waiting for the radiologist (Waiting For The Radiologist, next post?) is usually equal parts Dread, Fear, Anxiety, and Hope. The Hope part, once fulfilled, sort of obliterates the radiologist from the frame, thereafter; one never gives him/her a second thought when the results are negative.

I actually hope radiology scares people.

It should.

But, go ahead; read the post. In ten years, I’M hoping – and, with zero anxiety, dread or fear – that radiology, as a human diagnostic science, is obsolete. And, I think, you should, too.

littlebarefeetblog.com   – Search:  The Radiologist.






© Ruth Ann Scanzillo  8/9/15


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