Questions for Word Press bloggers:

Still relatively new to both blogging and this host site, I have a couple questions for fellow-bloggers:

1.) Has any other blogger ever had visitors express frustration with the template when trying to either Like or Comment on a particular piece? Some have said the site appears to be asking for identifying information, including website addresses, in order to accept comment entries; still others reveal that providing a Facebook password has been the only route (isn’t that rather suspicious?);

2.) Has any blogger, whose settings have permitted both commentary (on approval) and contact, ever had a friend say that he/she cannot find where to Like or Comment? I am not sure that what I see when I am logged in is what visitors, who are not WordPress bloggers, also see;

3.) Are some WordPress templates easier to negotiate than others? What advice would you, fellow bloggers, give me?

Thank you ……..!

p.s. and, what about Spam traffic? Some have suggested that spammers are not counted among the Stats, but I suspect otherwise.

19 thoughts on “Questions for Word Press bloggers:

  1. The trick is to learn the templates by visiting everyone’s blog and figuring it out. I like variety, but sometimes the navigation can be tricky. I have had only one problem with the “how to comment” thing, and she was a blogger herself. Good luck.


    1. Have decided that you have to be a Brit, and must confess one sin: “I have no.idea. what means “on the floor ” ? I just decided on the spot (perhaps I, too, was on the floor?) that any position beats being teased all day. I hope your evening was tasty and pleasant. I was totally knocked out by the Alexander String Quartet playing TWO piano quintets (Schumann Eflat and Brahms f minor) with a regional fave. The Schumann was a full on manic fit, and left me, well, yes: on. the. floor.
      p.s. what is with all the global blog attention, now from African provinces and Latvia? How on earth are all these even f.i.n.d.i.n.g. me? Surely they are spam?

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      1. On the floor means rolling on the floor or doubled over laughing. Thank you for the concert summary. I’d been looking forward for a while. The attention you’re getting is not spam. Congratulations on that. It’s good to have people from all over the world want to be interacting with your blog. It happens a lot if you comment on other blogs. As long as they’re not spamming you with comments, it should be cool. Thanks and rest up, deliciously.

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              1. Hiya, Ruth. Great question. Yes, someone has posted anonymously, but their website data was included in the comments editor (from the dashboard). It was because their blog was about “serious stuff.” Was it a rude or inappropriate comment?

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                1. The proxies would be located in the US, the UK, the Netherlands and Australia, but not South Africa. If someone wanted to confuse you, they’d probably mask their IP address and locate it in the US. If the message was disturbing, may I suggest that you add the content words to your spam filter in your dashboard settings? It will stop the problem before it starts. If there is a problem.

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                2. No, not disturbing. Intriguing. Stimulating. Not disturbing. I’m just the kinda girl who stares at a barn fulla haystacks and says: “Okay, a needle? When do we start?”
                  p.s. did you mean “and locate it in South Africa”?

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                3. No. I meant, that they could choose an IP address in the United States. But that’s an interesting thought: someone going to all that trouble to let you think they’re from SA. Anyway, enjoy the intrigue.

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