Spring Day Soup

Here’s a soup to cut through the cold winter:

(thanks for the reminder, COOKING WITH A WALLFLOWER!)

“SPRINGDAY SOUP,  for the dead of winter.”



In a tightly-covered pot, simmer on the stove:

1 standard-sized (16 oz?) bottle spring water, from multi pak;

2 glugs ex.virgin olive oil;

2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar;

liberal amnt Simply Organic Italian spice blend;

1 Tbsp Turmeric;

1 tsp Ginger;

iodized salt;

cracked pepper;

1 huge mound fresh spinach(reduces alot);

1 cup chopped red cabbage;

1 parsnip, chopped or medallioned;

1 lg. carrot, chopped;

4 small cloves fresh garlic, chopped;

after simmering the above for 15 min or more (do NOT let steam escape while simmering, else nutrients will vaporize out)

toss in: 6 cherry tomatoes and 1/2 c broccoli sprouts. (Kale can be included in this soup, as well/just balance with spinach) Cover tightly; wait five minutes, stir; serve!

Smells like heaven;tastes divine.

The broth, alone, is the most beautiful color on earth.

— r.a.scanzillo  1/12/13


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