Deep Questions #1.

You have 48 seconds.

Q: Anabolic steroids have been found to cause aggression and big muscles in women. If even-tempered, small boned adolescents work on the highway in the hot summer sun to earn money for college, will their proximity to sluggish, large men with useless musculature predispose them to steroid dependency in a later phase of development?

Choose the answer which best predicts the outcome of the scenario described above. Gather your own data. Select two politically opposing population clusters and one subculture. Buy several BIC mechanical pencils, one steno notebook, and a Mary Kay Moisture Whip refill. Rent a Chevy Impala. Get a job at Denny’s. Call yourself Luann, get your hair frosted, wear 100% polyester action slacks, and live at the “Y.” When you have completed your analysis, submit your paper to the secretary at the main office. All grades will be posted at the end of the marking. Period.





© Ruth Ann Scanzillo


all rights. Thanks.

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