The Cure For Cancer.

ChemoRadStatsThis piece is being written on the eve of January 23, 2015. My nephew, just barely 20, is grappling with symptoms that suggest a return of some form of the cancer with which he was diagnosed in August of 2011, after a three and a half year remission.  He awaits the 4 hour PET scan on Monday, after enduring the bone marrow biopsy and full blood draws this past week.

I have been strictly instructed by his parents not to reveal anything on Facebook about this. I have also been instructed to cease sending him any links or materials regarding what I am about to describe, as my having done so has caused him “anxiety”. (No matter that he, himself, texted directly to me that he is not upset, that he knows me to be “a caring aunt trying to help”.) I am being shut down by my family members, because the information I am trying to present to them is not welcome.

So, fellow WordPress bloggers and followers, I offer it to you. Maybe there is somebody YOU know and love who will benefit from even one morsel of the wealth of life-affirming data I have here before me. My earnest prayer is that somebody, anybody, will be able to help my nephew with this information. But, I know my family; it would take a miracle.

Here is a list of physicians, nurses, medical historians, nutritionists, and other health practitioners by name who are cited as having produced enough anecdotal records of total remission/cure to appear in publicly accessible interview:

Dr.Stanislaw Burzynski, M.D., Ph.D* – Scientist and Biochemist — (* brain cancer, the most resistant of cancers, patients left to die, surviving 20 years or more, cancer free);

Dr. Fancisco Contreras, M.D. – Oncologist and Surgeon

Dr. Daniel Nuzum, D.O., N.M.D. – Toxicologist, professor, scientist, and researcher

Dr. James Forsythe, M.D. – Oncologist and homeopath

Dr. Roby Mitchell, M.D. – Orthomolecular Medicine specialist

Chris Wark, Cancer survivor, author, lecturer –

AJ Lanigan – Scientist and Immunologist

Dr. Patrick Quillen, Ph.D, R.D, C.N.S – Nutritional expert, lecturer

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, D.O. – Consultant, Vaccine expert

Dr. Rashid Buttar, D.O. – Lecturer, best-selling author

Dr. Darrell Wolfe, Ac., Ph.D – Author and lecturer

Dr. W. Lee Cowden, M.D – Scientist, lecturer

Dr. Linda Isaacs, M.D. – Scientist, physician, and author

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D. – Physician, scientist and author

Dr. Tony Jiminez, M.D. – Scientist and researcher

Dr. Ben Johnson, M.D, N.M.D, D.O. – Researcher/author/lecturer

Dr. Irvin Sahni, M.D. – Physician, scientist, lecturer

Dr. Sunil Pai, M.D. – Integrative medicine physician, researcher

Dr. Murray Susser, M.D. – Integrative physician, lecturer

Jeffrey M. Smith – GMO expert, Researcher, lecturer, film-maker

Dr. David Brownstein, M.D. – Researcher, author, lecturer

Dr.Robert Scott Bell (homeopathic), D.A.

Paul Barattiero, C.Ped. – Hydration specialist

Dr. Bradford S. Weeks, M.D. – Scientist, researcher, lecturer

G. Edward Griffin (medical historian)

Jonathan Emord, Constitutional attorney at law (“The FDA dragon slayer”)

Chris Walsh – Stage IV melanoma survivor

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers – Author , lecturer, cancer survivor

Cortney Campbell – cancer survivor

Peter Starr – Documentary film maker, cancer survivor

Shannon Knight – cancer survivor

Kevil Murray – cancer survivor

Staci Marshall – cancer survivor

Kevin Irish – cancer survivor

Dr. Charles Majors, D.C. – cancer survivor, author, lecturer

K.C.Craichy, Nutritional expert, author

Wendy Wilson, master herbalist

Jason Vale – cancer survivor,

Frank Cousineau, President of the Cancer Control Society

Ian Jacklin – Researcher, Fim-Maker – former world kick-boxing champion

Bob Wright – Researcher, author, Founder of the AACI (American Anti-Cancer Institute)

Dr. Robert Verkerk, Ph.D – Exec Direc, Alliance for Natural Health-International

Dr. Blaylock, of Blaylock Wellness, should also definitely be on this list!

…and, more!

The work of Ty Bollinger has brought together the efforts, both collectively and singularly, of the above named witnesses. In addition, these and the numerous patients included in his interviews can be found in the book “The Quest for the Cures Continues”, which is a transcript of every live interview he conducted.

I encourage everybody who reads this post to research every one of those mentioned in the list above. Obtain Ty Bollinger’s book, or order the DVD set of videotaped interviews. AVAIL YOURSELVES of the information that you DESERVE. DO NOT let those who would verbally bully you into some form of submission, whether they be practicing physicians, nurses, pathologists, or merely family members, attempt to hide the fact, at your expense, that they have not done their homework.




Thank you. God bless you emphatically.

Ruth Ann Scanzillo 1/23/15   p.s. To all of you who actually read this post, here’s a vital addendum:  the news just came in that, after bone marrow draw and total PET scan, my nephew shows no sign of cancer. There is one factor that was never calculated: prayer.


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