The RAS Rules for The Road [Toward Self Respect]

1.) Give gifts to your parents; barring catastrophe, never take their money;
2.) Beg only forgiveness, steal no idea, and, borrow only big stuff that won’t get lost;
3.) Wash neither your face nor your brain, but brush your tongue;
4.) Save your voice, and your money; use your hands;
5.) Live within your means; financial independence is its own autonomy;
6.) Bring candor to the discourse, theory to the debate, but experience to the podium;
7.) Do your own laundry, or wear it;
8.) Look while you listen, hear when you see, and slow down before you stop;
9.) Live on faith, but watch your step;
10.) Eavesdrop, but spread no gossip; stare, but never point; and, when your socks don’t match, step into your boots and strut.
© Ruth Ann Scanzillo 1997 all rights. Thanks.

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