Today’s Your Birthday, Dad.

Happy Birthday, Dad. You would have been 98 today. How I miss you. I miss your chuckles and hoots, your twinkle, your sidelong glances, your songs, your rhythm, your gait, your hands. Your soft hands.

Today, you might be proud of your little girl. She’s made a host of new friends – from all the continents on the planet. They come from Australia, India, South Africa, the UK, and the continental US. Can you believe it?

Most of them are just photographs in the silent screen, and many of them don’t yet have faces. But, they’re real. In fact, they’re here, right now, as I type these words. One of the miracles of “technology”, as some would call it. For the cost of a paper, a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread, and some fresh, organic vegetables, I get to talk to them. And – they listen ! Some of them even talk back. It’s such a blessing. I’ve never been happier. The only thing missing is you, sitting beside me, patiently waiting for the next thing to happen.

Come to think of it, you’re probably glad you aren’t sitting here, though. You never liked to sit when you had to, only when you chose. You were always bounding up and heading out, for your walk, or those sundry errands that meant you’d see your people on the way. The people who still knew the meaning of relaxing on the porch. They miss you, too…Lee and Mary, and the whole neighborhood. But, you’ve gone on to that higher plane, where the colors are like we’ve never seen, and there is no pain. We’ve all heard about that place.

Yep; I’m trying, Dad. It’s easier, sitting here writing. No judgment, no fear. Just words, flowing like water. Now, there’s a gift.

So….Happy Birthday, Tone. I’ll be seeing you. You know I love you, and I always knew you loved me.

Thank you, Dad.


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