1.) Eric Garner was a very large man;

2.) Pressing him against the ground, and cutting off his throat in a hold, forced him to use up every last ounce of air in his [large, asthmatic] lungs repeatedly uttering the words you see above;

3.) Anybody who thinks that saying the words “I can’t breathe!” is some kind of evidence that Mr. Garner COULD, in fact, inhale and exhale normally knows absolutely nothing about how breath is held in the lungs and then exhaled by either operatic singers or wind and brass players – and, should be deposed from any position of authority;

4.) Eric Garner clearly exhaled only the remaining air in his lungs with each desperate utterance, until there was no breath left in him. Once there was no breath left in him, he passed out. Then, his heart stopped.

I am completely and utterly finished with ignorance in authority, ignorance in power, ignorance overtaking both available information and the responsible application of it. This man died because of all of the above, a horror and an outrage of American injustice.

God bless the Garner family, and every family whose loved one has ever fallen at the hands of ignorance in power.



© Ruth Ann Scanzillo


Thank you.

4 thoughts on “#Icantbreathe.

  1. It is a horrifying nightmare. The police are becoming like militia. Where is the line? My opinion is that the line has already been crossed.
    The police will continue to wage war against the people as long as the government is encouraging it.


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