New Year’s Eve Reprise.

You called it my “opinion”

When it was just a fact;

You said I was “assuming”

But, the deck was being stacked

Against my better graces

And the things that had been done

To draw attention to what, clearly,

You would rather simply shun


Though there was something for you,

So much better than you thought

Because it came from me, not you

It’s true… just got caught

Believing that the choice was yours

Exclusively to make

You turned your back on something

That was done for your own sake – !


And, now I can’t go shopping

Out for groceries yet, for dread

I’ll hear a song that’s piping in

From overhead, by BREAD

. . . . .

In fact, it happened just today

At the store, in the gluten-free aisle

I blubbered into tears

And had to stop there for awhile

. . . . . .

Yes; “Aubrey Was Her Name” he sang

Just like he did before

From the counter in your kitchen

And, I almost hit the floor


But, we are grown-ups now, you said

And, we can walk away

To do whatever we must, yes

The 12 Steps, every day


We’ll do the things that lovers do

When one of them is fine

Two people never feel the same

Regardless of their sign


It’s cruel, and it’s crazier

The older that we get

How hormones play with hearts

Just when we thought they would forget

That we were done with whining

Pining, agony, and pain

They rear their not-so-little heads

And, ram it home again


So, now I send this pretty poem

To wrap the thing up tight

It’s meant for your eyes only

But, there’s Facebook, so, I might

Just tell my Friends, and all their Friends

And, Followers and Apps

And, while I’m at it, Games and Pages

Status, all that crap


I’ll play it like a SCRABBLE word

And Candy Crush, and More

Create a Badge, and write a Note

And, tell the world the story

Of one old girl, and an older boy

Just scrolling on the site

When the boy saw her name,

Big as life

And Friended her that night


She thought he was the memory

Of a 5th grade crush, but no;

He turned out real, and different

From her fantasy, and so

The little old girl

And the big old boy

Will each go on their way

And, everyone will know it now

The Feed will surely say


A story that began between

A laptop and a phone

Will live forever, written down

It’s texted now, in stone


This isn’t just opinion,

This isn’t merely fact

Or, argument, or data,

Or discretionary tact

It’s just the tale that never ends

Of life on planet Earth

Whatever makes the world go round

To death, from every birth


You’ll post again tomorrow

I’ll Like or Comment, too

You’ll chat me, if you want to

And, I’ll write the book for you

. . . . . . .

So, log off later, Skype at night

And, YouTube every song

I tried to say Goodbye, but you:

“I always say: “So Long…”…..


© Ruth Ann Scanzillo

12/31/13; revised 1/9/14

all rights reserved.

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