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She’d made a little list.

This list was not intended to make other people feel beholden to the qualities of list making. Nor was it meant as some kind of grand announcement. But, perhaps, she thought, said list might just help one person, ahead of those New Year’s Resolutions waiting just around the corner. So, therewith, she’d presented the list, on Facebook.

What Got Done at 2201. (in 2016)

Got that ugly foot bone fixed, so I can still walk when I’m too old and too ugly for anybody to care. Ugh, is right. Be sure you get a surgeon who agrees that the way your foot looks when [ the six weeks ] are over actually matters;

Had the sagging gutters and soffits on the front porch and rear saltbox replaced with new ones. Repaired the front porch roof with new wood and rolling shingle, too. Now, that porch finally looks like it belongs with the house instead of being reluctantly attached to some abandoned slumlord palace. Sorry, Carpenter Bees; this AirB&B is officially closed;

Got bright new white fascia, to replace the poorly installed, Southwesterly wind-whipped, Ruffles Have Ridges sorry-ass excuses for fascia which had cake-decorated every peak and gable. Bring on the gales!

Had the cracked and soggy living room ceiling replaced with gypsum, and the walls painted Sunset Gold by Valspar. You cannot know how much energy can be contained in one body until you wake up to Sunset Gold walls. It’s enough to make a person change the bedsheets to…….you got it, Sunset Gold.

The foyer is in process. Walls are replastered, after holes in the porch roof were plugged, and painted. Trim on the front door awaits carpentry finishing. Hey. The contractor’s kid has strep, and it’s Voting Day on Tuesday.

Finally got the bathroom shower tiles pulled, the crumbling-to-powder walls behind them replaced with sheetrock, and new tiles installed. Stealthfully avoided dispensing with the original [ antique] cast iron tub by telling the tile installer I’d forego the cheap Jacuzzi. Grateful to discover only one, tiny patch of mold. This 1895 migrant house thanks God for sparing the spores, and so does the Steinway M.

Expanded the raised garden bed to accommodate twelve tomato plants, two peppers which never bore fruit, spaghetti squash which, once again, merely blossomed without conceiving, and what appears to be several sweet potatoes in the soil beneath. Poison Ivy found its way into the periphery, but thankfully I’m not allergic and, at least this year, there were no tomato worms. Enjoyed fresh tomatoes from mid-August until just this week.

Had a white picket fence installed, with charming gate, to block the alley and frame the rear of the yard. The old rodent infested garage is finally a dim memory, and the new Rubbermaid shed stands in the opposite corner, housing all the crap that used to lower the property value of the entire house just by being seen.

Bought a total of 21 garden tiles, and created a tiny rear patio complete with ValuHome’s Best, compressed plastic Adirondacks in hot pink and red, respectively, with corresponding putty grey foot stool. The Sunbeam grill now has a respectable place to reside, and the turquoise vinyl, weighted portable umbrella stands at the ready for guests and grilling.


Summer was over. Fall was battening itself down for the dreaded onslaught. Snow fall totals for NW PA were predicted to be in the triple digits, again this year .

But 2201 was ready. It had better be. The budget was dry. In 2017, the only thing left to complete the picture would be bullet proof glass for the windows.





© Ruth Ann Scanzillo    11/6/16     All rights those of the author, whose name appears above this line. Thank you for your respect. Doors and windows, on; motions, on.


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