“How Delicious.”


— a poem.


How exciting it is

To curl up and watch a catastrophe on TV

Especially when it cancels work.


How delicious it is

To make a joke out of someone else’s confusion

Exchanging glances and a smirk.


How absolving it is

To scapegoat somebody to cover your transgression

Earning another social perk.


How important it is

To be the one whom everybody else thinks is cute

Except when you’re really the jerk.


— from “Bad Poems About People”  Volume I.

© Ruth Ann Scanzillo



© Ruth Ann Scanzillo 9/16/16   – All rights those of the author, whose name appears above this line (who would steal a bad poem?). Thank you for your respect. Now, off with you; there’s colluding to do.


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