Sudden Scenes.



Dreams are rare, unless she sleeps a full eight hours. This one takes her to church.

From its lobby doors, encircling the congregation, she can see him in the back row. During the singing, he turns, facing the door through which he is visible to her. He laughs when he sees her, and keeps on singing. Two guys on either side of him turn, also; they are faceless, their heads large almonds.

Sudden scene two. She is in the church. Those around behind her are seated in the pews at solitary points around the room, most of them women in high style black, their faces framed in nun-like headdress, their skin an opalescent, “pearl” quality. She is reminded of an audience at a sparsely attended recital, yet the strange countenances of the devoted seem like a mask.

Sudden scene three. They are in back hallways of the church, classrooms possibly. Crews bearing hoses are applying rat poison. It is chartreuse green, and leaking all over.  Attempting to sit on the floors, they slip on the viscous liquid. At one point, she tells the exterminator not to squirt the solution along the baseboards, as she is aware that this is “her house.”

A woman described as his mother is there. Her skin and hair are white,  and she is opalescent like all the other people in the church.

Reaching up, she takes his mother’s face in her hands.




© approx. 2010   Ruth Ann Scanzillo     All rights those of the author, whose name appears above this line. Thank you.



4 thoughts on “Sudden Scenes.

      1. Yes, thats a bit like what I read – we have 2 books here, the one upstairs says pretty much what you just said, but the other one, (which I can’t find) was – as I recall, a much better book.

        I may have got rid of it, I seem to remember the book was getting all too good at interpretations, things it predicted came to pass, till in the end it was driving me crazy, so it had to go! (Or maybe that too was a dream) 😉 XX


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