Ball and Chain.



This is a ” Stability Ball.”


This is an immobilizing brace, made in Vietnam for MEDLine.


What do these images have in common?

If you guessed the answer, you have a direct line to the Mysteries of Irony.

Today, in haste to exit the house for a walk to the service station, where my car awaited pick up, I bumped into the Stability Ball.

It moved.

I fell.

Three hours later, and one set of x-rays: no fractures. Tender, swollen, painful. Now, comes the hard part.

Oh, Jesus.



6 thoughts on “Ball and Chain.

    1. I know!!! I was just exiting the bathroom, crossing the music room, and the God Forsaken ball was in my path. Horrible fall. The wrist. And, so many gigs upcoming – four in two weeks. I’m in shock. Shouldn’t be typing.


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