March 4, 1989.

[*Originally posted December 3, 2014; Composed in 1995; Re-blogged today, 3/6/16]


A fine, filming, flaking ice

on last year’s grass

and that grand, cleansing

lateral wind

the scent

of false spring

. . . .

wide-eyed sparrows


in the dry crackle

of a naked hedge


on fledgling plans

for a weekend fling

without their coats

. . . .

he’d danced a side step

up the walk

in his long, grey tweed

would I come up for tea?

that week-ending



and I

am not remembering

when I kissed him

if he







of shaun




© Ruth Ann Scanzillo


all rights reserved. Really. Shaun was possibly the best cellist I ever knew; built the porch on my house; and, gave me my first public performance opportunity as a collaborative pianist. The year was 1989, and the music: Shostakovich Sonata for Cello and Piano; his Bach; and, a heartbreaking, prophetic encore called Restful Woods. Thank you.

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