Playing House.


Leafing through magazines

to find mini muffin makers

planning cake pops for

when the babies come


Finishing all the laundry

wearing the new Wal-mart top

before lunch

and, after the favorite song


Dinner out, for Italian,

at the local family owned

[Ooh, fancy!]

and, meeting the country star


Pawn in the local census

cog in the wagon wheel

Playing house

and dying

right where you are.





© Ruth Ann Scanzillo


All rights those of the author, whose name appears above this line. Thank you.


6 thoughts on “Playing House.

  1. Enjoyed this very much… playing house and dying… it is a combo that evokes for me a melancholy of our trying so to put things right, our movements pinned to all the wrong assumptions, and so our playing, which could be glorious, is a patterned emptiness…


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  2. Thank you for saying this, Michael. I felt hesitant publishing, because I was afraid the simplistic nature of the narrative would lose audience before the closing statement! You lend so much grace to my pieces. Thanks!


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