The breeze

teases the leaves

into submission


whole trees,

their chorus

full on swelling


beyond disdain,

for trombones and


an atonal transcension



autumn’s night song.



The air

is singing.









© Ruth Ann Scanzillo

10/9/15  All rights reserved. Sharing by written permission of the author, whose name appears above.

Thank you.  (* my sincere apologies if the phrases of fellow bloggers inadvertantly appear.)


16 thoughts on “Air

  1. Just wondered if the phrase re transcensions was understandable. The rest is so monosyllabic and literal, inserting a major abstraction seems jarring. Just a form thing, is all. Your image making seems so effortless. Do you just whip yours off? Much of the time, I do, but I spent two extra hours trying to maintain the number of syllables in each stanza, and this altered the ultimate message. But, actually, while the initial idea was about the air knowing the secret of the wind’s seduction, it morphed into the theme of atonal song, so I’m hoping that this elevated the piece in the end.


    1. I wonder if fellow bloggers freak out about my Copyright statement…..I am not a “published” author; one essay appeared in our local paper, years ago. That doesn’t qualify, I don’t think? There’s just a script at the L of C. And, I’ve been wondering about how protected bloggers are if they anticipate publishing. Sounds, by your posts, as if you’ve been down that road more than once? Maybe your advice is warranted, here. A friend said that people might be off put by my Copyright statements at the blog. What’s the prevailing opinion, anyway, thelonelya?

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      1. I imagine it may turn some people off. It didn’t bother me. I have read blogs from agents that say when you publish your stuff on the internet, it makes it harder to find an interested buyer. Don’t know if that is true. What I have tried to done is introduce my characters in scenes outside of my manuscript. Honestly, I am not published yet, so I am not sure what is the right call in your case. I saw a couple of items that you posted and they were beautiful. You are talented. This is the platform that we have to use to have our voice heard, to receive feedback, until the moment comes where some wants to publish our gems. We will stay in touch and support one another. Thanks for stopping by.

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