Come see your little curio

Be-deck the cabinetry

Lean in to view her tiny lines

and glazed lucidity
She stays right where you put her
upon the corner shelf
and, you are free to lift her up
and touch her for yourself
But, she is just a curio
a piece of history
the craft of someone else’s hands’
exquisite artistry
Who loved her one creator?
What stories would he tell?
Whose cheeks, and eyes, and fingertips
the artist knew so well?
Her clones will leave the factory
assembled on a line
by gloved, unvetted hired hands
who copy the design
of every turn and angle
of every blush and hue
created by the one once loved
inspired then to do
what used to be considered
expression of intent
to capture and memorialize
a secret sentiment
To decorate a window
to rest upon a sill
embodying a message meant
a heart and soul to fill
The one for whom its artist
could think upon by day
and entertain a reverie
though very far away
But, now the little curio
anonymous, alone
lives on as the original
carved lovingly in stone
So, cast your eye, gently caress
what can be felt and seen
perhaps an angel lives inside
your porcelain figurine
© Ruth Ann Scanzillo 2/16/15
all rights reserved. Thank you .

4 thoughts on “Curio.

  1. Thank you for this comment, Ruthie — I copied and pasted it, after reposting the poem.

    Ruth Ann, You are a poet besides a writer! I will put you beside Emily and send you another of my favorites which is as good as yours. REW P.S.
    It took me a while to comment because I could not remember my FB password! Guess I will just have to succumb to the Facebook virus yet.


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