Other Lives of ’89: A Trilogy of Verse.

August 22, 1989

(* the date of origination is August 22, 1989; the soundfile indicates October. Did I look at 8/22/89, and think “Eight means October?” [derisive laughter.] )

Molly had babies one by one

extensions of herself

each year a repeat pumpkin smile

found its place on the mantel shelf

Time for birth and time to grow

day by night by day

Who can know where a mother will go

when all her work is done?


[Chorus:]  “Hey!”


Karlie took tap when she was five

and six and seven and eight

Karate at three, for the weekday fee

Carpool to the four o-clock skate

Two weeks of camp and the the family trip

and a picnic with the sailing class

but, piano lessons were cancelled

when the teacher ran out of gas


[Chorus:] “Ohhh…”


John made his pay

by the rules laid down

at the Savings and Loan institution

He carefully stowed

another man’s load

and lived on the remuneration


At the end of the day

on his way uptown

to the Food and Spirits emporium

another man’s load

was the money he owed

now he visits the state sanitorium.



[Oak Ridge Boys:]   “Hmmmmm.”



© Ruth Ann Scanzillo


all rights. Thanks.



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