The Wedding Day.

August 23, 2012 at 3:15pm

~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

the blushing blue hydrangea, heavily moist,

snuggling select peach roses

that should have been tropical orange

the florist couldn’t get real peonies, she said

so they were silk

big, ivory, light


all ensconced in their slender green plastic stem hydrators

which everyone forgot to remove

before each bitter bridesmaid


down the aisle


to be wearing a hat.


they were the stars of the wedding day

the hydrangea, the roses,

and the silk pretending to be peonies

not shivering at the brevity of life

whispering about the sexual preferences of the third groomsman

wondering at the nature of true love

or recoiling at the ringbearer

who, terrified

of the stark, silent path

that lay between him

and the best man,

threw back his head

sent a curdling scream

to the chandeliers

and ran

for his father’s arms.




© ruth a. scanzillo


all rights reserved. Thank you.


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